bradley theodore

currently living and working in new york, bradley theodore was born in the turks and caicos but moved to the united states at a young age. originally working in tech and graphic design, theodore began producing vibrant murals on the streets of new york where his artistic career began to bloom.

theodore’s works are characterised by bold bright colours, and his paintings focus on themes of celebrity and fashion, very often evolving from skeletons, an expression theodore calls “an act of living”. similar to vanitas still life paintings and memento mori, theodore’s work encourages us to live and enjoy life whilst we can, as we are all mortal.

represented in galleries on both sides of the atlantic, theodore’s career has been growing steadily in the past few years and he has had a number of solo and group shows, and had work presented at art fairs. with such iconic and eye catching work, theodore is certainly an artist to follow as his career continues to mature.

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