graham knuttel

Graham Knuttel is an Irish painter and sculptor, whose work has been collected by various celebrities, such as Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Frank Sinatra and Eddie Jordan.  Initially known for sculptures, he has since become a painter.

he was born in 1954, several years after his parents had moved to Ireland from england.  not caring too much for academia he spent little time in school, rather spending his time exploring the cafe and pub society of dublin as well as its rocky coastline. 

in his time away from school he began to absorb himself in drawing and art. He enrolled in the dun laoghaire college of art and design  at the age of eighteen and the bohemian lifestyle of art school suited him. it was during his time at dun laoghaire that his training led him to his beloved craft of figurative representational painting. Although his style of painting did not receive the great acclaim it does now from a group of new American tutors. 

They appreciated a very different style of artwork and therefore Knuttel had to make the transition from painting to sculpture to pass his final year of college. Although this transition was undesired, Knuttel discovered a new passion for the craft.

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