lena sotskova

lena sotskova was born in moscow in 1963 and the only child of her parents and a descendent of generations of russian aristocracy, sotskova benefited from the immersion of art and culture through artists, musicians, and actors frequently visiting her parents’ home. with classical music, the paintings of old masters, and sculptures surrounding her, sotskova’s artistic and creative instincts gained life.

traveling extensively with her parents, and later by herself, sotskova visited florence, paris, london, various asian capitals, and many regions of her native russia. this exposure to the diverse, rich, and vast cultures of centuries of global art and music continued to mold her inherent artistic qualities.

she is a representative of russian classical art. she creates paintings of contemporary themes and subjects using old masters techniques and methods, achieving their balance and completeness.

sotskova spent over 20 years of extensive rigorous training with world class masters. she did restoration work in palaces and cathedrals of moscow and st. petersburg; the hermitage, the louvre, russian state museum, tretiakov gallery, kremlin.

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