marion drummond

marion drummond artistmarion drummond was born in glasgow in 1958. she is a self-taught artist for the most part, although a key part of her skill set was developed through life classes.

drummond currently uses her love of the outdoors to spur her art, painting al fresco when capturing the swiftly changing light of the scottish countryside. “my aim is always to capture the ‘moment’ in my paintings. i would probably describe myself as a representational/romantic artist and my focus is on light.”

drummond is known for her unusual technique, which relies mostly on finger painting, along with the use of other tools like rags. this allows drummond to demonstrate her intuitive approach to the subjects she paints, exploring surface and form with her hands.

drummond is now a highly popular artist in scotland, and has shown her work at several highly regarded institutions. she currently lives and works in stirlingshire.

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