neil simone

artist biography

born in london in 1947, neil simone began his career by studying graphic design. after working in this field for several years, he was first inspired to begin painting after a visit to the vast and beautiful landscapes surrounding harrogate, yorkshire, in 1969. simone quickly found admiration for his highly skilled depictions of landscapes and still lifes, and moved to harrogate to pursue a career as a full-time artist.

in the years following his move to full time art, simone found himself experimenting, searching for the subject and style that would allow him to express himself as he wished. after working with a variety of techniques, he finally found his artistic calling after the birth of his first child. this time of reflection led him to begin creating depictions of the impossible.

the years that simone had spent experimenting and refining his skill now brought their full reward, as he was able to create works of great depth and complexity, capturing his visions of an impossible world and sharing them with the viewer, in the stunning surrealist style for which he is now well-known.

simone still lives in yorkshire, near the area that first inspired him to create art. he has his own gallery, the chapel gallery, and he exhibits with his wife heather, also an artist.

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