Alfred Wolmark ‘Iris’ Original




Medium: Oil

Format: Original on canvas

Image size: 20 x 30″

Framed size: 34 x 24.5″

Signed: Yes, by the artist Alfred Wolmark

Condition: Damage on front and reverse of the canvas


Alfred Wolmark’s works have excelled in recent auction results and this is an outstanding demonstration of his technical handling of oil and canvas. Alfred Wolmark is known for his work in the early 20th century, associated with the Post-Impressionist movement and often focused on portraiture and scenes of everyday life.

The sitter, Iris Williams, was around sixteen when she sat for this portrait around 1943 or 1944. She lived in Hampstead and went on to marry Norman Sussman but it is not known if her or her family had any special relationship with the artist. Dressed in a red dress with large white collar and dark styled wavy hair, Iris seems to typify the fashions of the time, standing elegantly in front of the abstracted red toned background.

The style of the painting, with its loose brushwork and vibrant use of colour, is characteristic of Wolmark’s approach to capturing the essence and personality of his subjects. Iris’s serene and composed expression, combined with the artist’s distinctive style, suggests a thoughtful and deliberate portrayal.

There is an area of the canvas that is damaged on both the front and reverse and seems to have warped a part of the canvas. The damage is shown in the listing images.


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