artist biography born in russia during the cold war, anna razumovskaya learned to appreciate a more soft, artistic side of life from her mother, an ardent follower of fashion and the feminine. razumovskaya attended the russian state academy of fine arts, graduating in 1991 with the distinction award of high-class artists. this immersion in the arts allowed her to experience a world outside the rigid rules that the communist regime dictated at the time. razumovskaya's training was followed with studies in germany, holland and belgium, as she travelled across europe learning and developing her own style. at the same time, she was able to absorb the influences of the great masters whose work she observed during her travels. a steady exhibition history followed, and a resulting fame that has resulted in her name becoming well known to art collectors worldwide. following her travels, razumovskaya settled in canada, the country she now calls home. she continues to see great success in her art, travelling and touring with her work on a regular basis.

anna razumovskaya original ‘lilac dream’




Medium: Oil

Format: Original on canvas

Image size: 59 x 59cm

Signed: Yes

Condition: Excellent

Provenance: Original sales invoice

About this artwork: is she dreaming of herself, or of something to come…? the softness of this piece draws the viewer in to wonder about the two women shown back to back, elegantly poised but caught in their own world. this piece shows off anna’s innate ability to use clothing design and couture as part of her compositions – a superb example of her classic style.

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