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fabian perez's artwork finds its roots in his unorthodox upbringing. born in buenos aires in 1967, perez grew up catching glimpses of the nightlife at his father's nightclubs and bordellos. with his artistic mother and roguish father, perez saw the glamour and romance of the world they inhabited: passionate and elegant, refined and secretive. now, his memories of those stylish and fascinating characters populate his work.

after losing both parents before his twenties, perez began to travel the world, developing his artistic talents as he did so. he also discovered martial arts, and studied with a dedication that would later impact the discipline he used to perfect his art style.

after his career took off while he was working in italy, perez experienced a growing recognition and fame for his now famous art style. he eventually moved to the us, where accolades and admiration for his art has continued to grow. he now lives and works in los angeles, still creating work and touring to interact with his always expanding group of followers.

fabian perez ‘man at the bar with red wine’ original




medium: oil

format: original on canvas

image size 9 x 12″

framed size 22 x 25″ standard handcrafted solid wood frame

signed: yes

condition: excellent

provenance: original sales invoice

this contemplative original from fabian perez in one of a series fabian created, featuring either himself or his father in a similar pose, sitting alone and turned away from those around them.

the painting draw on the times when father and son each experienced loneliness and isolation in their work lives, as many friends and work associates had turned their backs when most needed.

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