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sell my art is not an auction site. under the guidance of our professional & experienced art consultants you will set the price for the artwork you want to sell. a potential buyer may make an offer different to your sales price but it is up to you whether you accept.

sell my art is a trusted & professional online service that connects sellers to potential buyers

sell my art will collect information on the artwork you would like to sell and some details about you and what you hope to achieve

sell my art will verify your identity and seek confirmation that you own the artwork you’d like to sell

sell my art provide professional advice based on extensive knowledge of the art market

sell my art will conduct a thorough market review of art you wish to sell and provide you with a market facing valuation of what we think it is worth for a small valuation fee of £95 that is refundable when we help you sell your art

sell my art will listen to you to understand the outcomes you want to achieve and help you set a sales price, including buyer’s commission, that has the best chance of achieving the outcome you want

sell my art commissions are transparent, clear and are ALWAYS included in the advertised sales price so the buyer has no surprises unlike other pre-owned art sellers, particularly traditional and online auction houses where the sales price is unknown until the ‘hammer drops’ and the price actually paid will include significant commissions and extra costs

unlike most other pre-owned art sellers, we believe both the buyer and seller deserve to get great value and to achieve this we will deduct 12.5%* of the sales price before we remit the net proceeds to the seller

the advertised sales price paid by the buyer will include buyer commission of 12.5%* in the price they pay

sell my art commission therefore totals only 25% and is paid equally & fairly by the seller and by the buyer

the seller will be responsible for the cost of shipping and will be deducted from the sales proceeds you receive

sell my art supports ARR which entitles authors of original works of art to a small royalty each time one of their artworks is resold with the help of art market professionals such as sell my art. ARR is 4% up to the value of €50,000 and 3% between €50,000 and €200,000 (and tapers down further as the artwork value increases)

the artists resale right (’ARR’) will be included in the sales price paid by the buyer

sell my art is the new, simple & efficient way to sell your art AND is the new, simple and affordable way to buy pre-owned art.

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