alexander millar

artist biography

alexander millar’s formative years were spent in springside, a mining community near kilmarnock in scotland. the scenes he saw around him every day have informed his artwork, both in content and style. industrial landscapes, working men in suits, women with tartan headscarves, bicycle commutes, and more are all part of his instantly recognisable style.

millar’s upbringing results in the classic, humble and nostalgic scenes of his work. he grew up in a time of financial difficulties, in a town that was unable to keep up with the progress of the modern world.

after leaving springside, millar settled in newcastle-upon-tyne. he became a professional artist in 1988, using his memories as a basis for his artwork. the characters from his past and the humour in everyday scenes continued to guide his work. he recalls the amusement in watching a street drunk: “i love the almost choreographed movements of the street drunk with his vertically challenged, about to fall over but never quite does it routine – to me it is every bit as entertaining as swan lake.”


a completely-self taught artist, millar spent years developing his talents and defining his style. he is known as a contemporary impressionist, favouring a loose style of brushwork and bright colours to define changing light and shadow.

millar has been inspired by the work of master impressionists such as claude monet, combining this with a unique ability to capture modern moods and emotions. he has expanded his original style with collections such as “everyday heroes nyc”, which features portraits of new york firefighters.

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