david escarabajal

artist biography

Renowned globally for his breathtaking cityscape masterpieces, David Escarabajal has traversed Europe, painting the urban landscapes of iconic cities such as Paris, Milan, and Edinburgh. Imbued with inspiration from each city he explores, David’s artistic prowess extends beyond conventional boundaries.

Trained not only in art but also in interior design, David possesses a discerning eye for the architectural spaces he immortalizes in his cityscapes. Rather than meticulously replicating structures, he skillfully suggests shapes through a vibrant interplay of color and form. His innate command of perspective enables him to capture the intricate lines and shapes of a city, infusing elements of abstraction and intricate layering into his scenes.

Employing a diverse range of media, David crafts his layered cityscapes with expressive and energetic brushwork, often described as “sketching in paint.” This technique allows his imagination to take center stage, weaving mood and tone seamlessly through the urban panoramas in a harmonious fusion of color.

Born in Alcoy (Alicante) in 1974, David pursued his passion for the arts by studying interior design and obtaining an SBC in fine art at the School of Fine Arts and Work Craft of Alcoy. Commencing his artistic journey in 1995, he initially garnered recognition in Spain before achieving success on an international scale.

Throughout his career, David has earned numerous awards and accolades, triumphing in both art and interior design competitions. His works, celebrated for their unique blend of creativity and technical finesse, grace the walls of many private collections around the world.

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