Dylan Izaak

Artist biography

“My name is Dylan and I was born on October the 10th 1971 in a town called Rugby. We moved from there to Coventry then Australia then Stratford-upon-Avon and then back to Australia and then back to Stratford-upon-Avon. We also moved several more times in each of these places. 

The things I like most in life are beer, cars, pigs and people, and now that I have children I quite like those as well. I don’t like watching too much telly, I don’t like horses, I’m strangely allergic to penguins and although artists aren’t supposed to be materialistic I like to spend an unhealthy amount of time dreaming about what I would buy if I won the lottery.

I started to earn a living in art by becoming a street artist which I did for 8 or 9 years. Needing something a bit more secure I decided to open a gallery, limited funds forced the idea of doing this on a narrow boat, it sounds pretty odd but it actually worked quite well and this is pretty much where all this sort of thing started. Working from the boat meant I could display all my other work such as the Long People and Wonky Buildings. 

After working hard on a collection for a year or so I began selling through other galleries which started to give me much more exposure and quite quickly there was a lot more demand for the work. Fortunately it seemed to get better each year and in 2012 I was invited to become one of the Official BT Olympic Artists, shortly after this I signed up with DeMontfort Fine Art, the country’s leading international fine art publishers. 

Thankfully popularity of the work still seems to be rapidly growing, and if I’m honest all in all I’m having quite a nice time. I hope you enjoy my work and that it takes you somewhere nice.”

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