John Waterhouse

Artist biography

John Waterhouse was born in Staffordshire in 1967, and grew up with a deep-seated appreciation of the beauty of the countryside. He also demonstrated great artistic skill in his youth, winning a prize for art before leaving school. He continued to work on his art even while working full time after finishing his education, always determined to work professionally as an artist.

Waterhouse eventually took on a part time job as an art tutor at a high security prison, in order to use the flexible schedule to paint in his free time. He was able to further his appreciation and understanding of art through his tutor work, learning about the impact the arts could have on those he taught. This added to his drive to become a committed full-time artist.

After painting and selling work on a part-time basis for a number of years, waterhouse gained a level of commercial success that allowed him to resign his teaching work and become a full-time artist. His work is now in great demand across the uk. he continues to create new art and exhibit on a regular basis.

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