robyn kennedy

artist biography

Born in Wick in 1970, Robyn Kennedy pursued art full time as soon as she was able, choosing to take a Fine Art degree at Edinburgh university where she specialised in drawing and painting.

She continued to work as an artist after leaving school, and has been steadily exhibiting in various locations in the years since then.

Kennedy’s formal training has allowed her to develop her own artistic principles, in which she works to combine the real with the perceived, creating a parallel to the world she observes.


Known for her use of mixed media, Kennedy demonstrates a loose, colour-centric style in the majority of her work. She does not always work in mixed media, sometimes creating her atmospheric compositions using only acrylic paint. Each piece is considered and approached individually, with the media chosen to suit the work.

The works are based partly in “en plein air” studies, which allow Kennedy to capture the essence of the scene she wishes to portray. She then combines this with her own impressions, and her memory of what she has seen and experienced, to create a piece based in her perception of light, shadow, water and air.

Kennedy’s subject matter varies, but always allows her to demonstrate her skill. She may depict figures, animals or landscapes in her work, but with each piece keeps a careful balance of colour and texture that make the overall impression recognisably her own style.

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