claire harrigan

claire harrigan, born in 1964 in kilmarnock, was raised in an artistic family. she learned to appreciate art and creativity from her parents, who were both painters, as well as art teachers. after being raised surrounded by art, harrigan went on to study at the glasgow school of art.

harrigan’s commitment to her artwork allowed her to begin a career as a full time painter as soon as she was finished with her studies. she has travelled widely as she developed her career, finding new inspiration around the world. she has spent a good deal of time in france, italy, portugal and the west indies, each of which locations has served to broaden her artistic style.

in 1989, harrigan became a professional member saac, and was elected an rsw member in 1992. harrigan has been the recipient of a number of awards for her work, including the latimer award, rsa, and the lily macdougall award, saac.

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