*courty* robert keith court

Robert Keith Court was born in 1970 in Essex, into a working class background that he has continued to champion throughout his artistic career. His childhood nickname “Courty” would later become the name under which he produces his unique neon art pieces.

Courty started exploring the possibilities of neon in 1987, when he began creating drawings for a neon sign company where he worked part-time while studying. After moving into full-time work at the company, he developed his technical knowledge and skill to a high degree, creating signage professionally and even working on sets for television and film.

After being inspired by other well-known neon artists, Courty began developing his neon work into pure art. The fact that he never undertook formal training has allowed him to approach his artwork with the eye and skills of a craftsman – he can rely intrinsically on his expertise when turning his artistic visions into reality.

Courty continues to create his artwork from his home in East London, where he finds inspiration in his surroundings. He also owns two companies that produce neon signs and tubing, and has remained at the forefront of the neon art world to this day.

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