jeff rowland

Jeff Rowland was born in 1964 – he recalled being inspired to create art from a young age, as he watched his grandmother working with oil paints. He studied art at Newcastle Tyneside College, and made his first attempt at becoming a self-employed professional artist in 1984. After struggling to find success, he was determined to hone his focus and skills, and studied advertising and illustration at the Newcastle School of Design.

Following this, Rowland was able to create a collection that earned him great success, exhibiting in Northumberland and then in London. Increasing sales enabled him to continue working in his desired career as a full-time artist.

Rowland was known for the commitment he showed to his work, and to creating art that was truly authentic. He immersed himself in the scenes he created – for example, before painting a series of scenes featuring fishermen and trawlers, he went out on a north sea trawler to experience the work first hand.

In the latter years of his life, Rowland was based in the north east of England, where he was able to find inspiration for his ongoing works. He died in 2018 at the age of 55, following a battle with Leukaemia.

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