lorenzo quinn

Artist biography

Lorenzo Quinn is one of the world’s leading contemporary sculptors. Born in 1966 to the actor Anthony Quinn and costume designer Iolanda Addolori, this artist was inspired by the work of his father when he first began developing his highly emotive art style. Quinn attended the American Academy of Fine Arts in the 1980s; after initially pursuing surrealist painting, he realised his passion and ability for sculpture when he created a piece featuring Eve within Adam’s torso. After this, Quinn developed his now world renowned sculpting style.

Quinn’s success has been marked by several significant commissions. This began early in his career, including a piece commissioned by the United Nations in 1993, and another for the Vatican in 1994. Many other important commissions have since been completed by Quinn, as well as a number of public artworks. As a result, his work can be seen and recognised by numbers of fans that few contemporary artists could claim.

Quinn’s style of combining symbolic objects with realistic figures has meant that his work can be used to great effect in representational art. Because of this, he has used his art to create messages such as supporting action against climate change.

He continues to produce work to this day, and has seen great success in far-reaching, exclusive art events. Some of his most recent work has included a large installation at the Venice Biennale, which received worldwide attention and admiration.

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