maria salas

Born and raised in Valencia, Spain, Maria is a self-taught artist whose work is inspired by the natural beauties she associates with her home.

Maria draws on the warmth and bright colours of the Mediterranean coast: the glowing marine blues of the water, the vibrant floral displays, and the searing heat of the summer sun.

Natural forms and textures are also brought into each work, with shapes and formations drawn from mountains, rivers, seascapes and skyscapes, each one developed into a unique abstraction with Maria’s layered and energetic style. She loves the idea that different viewers will project different ideas onto each work, finding something that they recognise or which speaks to them personally.

Maria enjoys working as a free spirit, and never knows what the end result will be when she approaches a blank canvas. She loves to take her time exploring the dynamics of blended colours and textures as she creates each artwork.

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