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Rina Sutzkever was born in Moscow in 1945, and later immigrated to Israel with her family in 1948. Growing up, Rina was surrounded by painters and sculptors as her father, Abraham Sutzkever, was a famous poet and close friend of Marc Chagal who illustrated a number of her father’s works. In fact, on one of Chagal’s visits to Israel, the iconic artist said to Rina, “… your father painted in words, and you write in colors…”

Rina’s first steps as a professional artist began with her work with painter Nahum Gilboa. She continued working with painter Moshe Rozenthalis in his studio, where she developed a realistic style faithful to nature.

Many well-known artists, such as Mordechai Ardon, as well as prominent figures such as Mr. Shimon Peres, Israel’s former Prime Minister admire her paintings. Her work has been exhibited throughout Israel and internationally in New York, London, Brussels, and more.

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