simeon stafford

Simeon Stafford was born in 1956 in Duckinfield, a small northern town bordering the Pennines. As a young artist, Stafford’s landscapes were similar to the gritty northern landscape of L.S.Lowry and other English northern artists.

At the age of 14 Simeon Stafford was introduced to L.S Lowry after winning the Robert Owen Award for Art and the Manchester News Portrait Award. Lowry became a family friend and remains a constant source of inspiration to the artist.

From 1972 Simeon studied at Hyde College and in 1974 became a professional artist. Simeon moved to Cornwall in 1996, and the influence of his northern roots fused with the magnetism of West Penwith created an expressionism within his work which is both powerful and alluring. During this time, he met the artists Patrick Heron and Terry Frost.

Simeon Stafford is not concerned with angst and soul searching! “There is enough of that in the world of news today”, he says. Stafford reflects a world full of incident and accident, with splashes of vibrant colour and amusing compositions.

He charmingly combines reality and imagination within many of his paintings. He features characters from his family, including Aunt Dot, the little girl who is constantly doing a handstand and Trixie, the family Jack Russell, who lived until she was 28. Trixie is now stuffed and a resident of Simeon’s bedroom.

Widely regarded as one of the country’s leading living artists, Stafford exhibited at the Royal Academy in 2001. His work can also be found in numerous private collections, including those of her Majesty Queen.

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