steve johnston

steve johnston contemporary artist biographysteve johnston was born in glasgow in 1953, and grew up in dumfries. after studying at art school, he initially began work as an electrician, but returned to art when offered a place at carlisle college in 1973.

during this second period of study, johnston discovered a passion for photography. after graduating, he found great success as a photographer and was notably published in vogue’s ‘pink punk book’ in 1978.

in 1991, johnston returned to painting, beginning work on the style of art for which he is now so well-known. he has exhibited and sold original artwork, as well as limited edition prints, for a number of years.

johnston has spoken of the importance he places on the shape of the artworks. he will often focus more on the shape of a figure, for example, rather than the movement or stance that resulted in the shape.

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