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Terry Bradley was born in Belfast in 1965. He grew up on the Shankill Road and so his mother tried to keep him inside away from the “Troubles”. Throughout his childhood his was particularly interested in reading ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin’, and through his art we can see that he was influenced by these drawings.

Bradley first began painting in order to calm his nerves, he found himself in his element when trying to depict his subject on paper. In order to start a living after leaving school, he opened a factory, which produced full lead mouth blown crystal, which was in high competition with all of the other crystal manufacturers. However, this factory closed after only four years and he turned his attention towards art.

In his spare time, Terry continued to paint, as it was still a way for him to escape the pressures of everyday life. Having had a conversation with John Reynolds, Terry had his first solo art exhibition in Dublin which meant that he finally started making money for something he had been passionate for throughout his entire life. From his first exhibition onwards, he became more and more successful, exhibiting his work in Dublin, Belfast, London and Spain.

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