Lana Okiro ‘Sunny Day in Whitehall’ Original




Medium: Original oil

Presentation: Framed

Image size: 13 x 19″

Condition: Excellent

Signed: Yes, by the artist Lana Okiro


A quintessentially London scene, Lana Okiro captures the iconic imagery of the capital that is brought to life by loose and impressionistic brushstrokes. The subdued but vibrant colour palette illustrates the calm bustle of this famous street as we can almost hear the traffic. The street is lively with everyday activity, featuring the two double decker buses, red phone booth and in an catching composition we see Big Ben sitting proudly in the background.

Elegantly framed so as to evoke this nostalgia of a pleasant day in the city, the painting contains a harmony and tranquility that contradicts the chaos of commuter life. It is a timeless scene and a charming addition to any space that seeks to evoke the essence of London.

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