Lincoln Townley ‘Girls’ 2014 Original – POA



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Medium: Original Oil and Gold Leaf on Canvas

Image size: 150cm x 150cm

Condition: Excellent

Signed: Yes, by the artist Lincoln Townley

Provenance: Certificate of authenticity

“Girls” by Lincoln Townley is a striking and evocative large square painting that exemplifies his distinctive expressionistic and abstract style. The artwork features two figures rendered with visible, dynamic brushstrokes in a vibrant palette of yellow, red, and blue. The use of these bold colors, combined with the raw energy of Townley’s technique, captures the viewer’s attention and conveys deep emotional intensity.

The background of the painting includes elements of gold leaf, adding a layer of richness and complexity to the piece. This gilding, typical of Townley’s modern approach, creates a stark contrast with the dark areas of the canvas that remain uncovered, enhancing the painting’s dramatic effect. The word “girls” appears on what looks like a poster within the artwork, alluding to the inner struggles and public personas of female celebrities.

“Girls” is not only visually compelling but also thematically profound, exploring the pressures and challenges faced by women in the limelight. The painting’s large scale and strong presence make it a significant investment piece, underscored by its certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. This artwork, with its blend of oil, acrylic, and bold gilding, is a testament to Townley’s ability to channel personal and societal narratives into powerful visual statements, making it a valuable addition to any serious art collection.

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