Robert Oxley ‘The Navigator’ Limited Edition




Medium: Boxed Canvas

Format: Limited Edition

Edition Number: 41/50

Size: 48 x 32″

Date of Release: Autumn 2016

Condition: Excellent

With my work, I try to keep animals in people’s minds in some way. Animals are the guardians, workforce and soldiers of our planet.”

Using acrylic on canvas, Robert’s artistic approach revolves around embracing the present moment, immersing himself in the act of creation, and surrendering to the process and chemistry he has cultivated over time. His aim is to imbue his work with a sense of spontaneity and fluidity, yet upon closer examination, each brushstroke reveals meticulous consideration and precision. Thus, what may initially appear as casual and unrestricted is, in truth, intricately crafted—a reflection of the complexity inherent in nature itself. Immersed in the realm of Pop Surrealism, Robert introduces viewers to what he labels “psychedelic natural history.”

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