Stan Lee, The Amazing Spiderman #553 ‘Brand New Day’ *RARE AND COLLECTABLE*




Medium: Giclee

Format: Framed, limited edition box canvas

Signed: Yes

Image size: 44 x 30″

Framed size: 48 x 34″

Edition number: 50/95

Condition: Excellent

A hand-signed, limited edition framed box canvas.

A limited edition boxed canvas, hand-signed by the late comic book legend Stan Lee. The Marvel Superheroes collection honours the superhero world created by the man who changed comic books forever. Captured within this set are Stan’s iconic large-scale superheroes, penned and inked by some of the greatest Marvel cover artists of all time.

Originally published: May 2008

Writer: Bob Gale

Cover artist: Phil Jimenez

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