Todd White ‘When She Threw Her Roses Down’ *Large Format Original*




Medium: Oil on Canvas

Format: Original

Image size: 40.5cm x 91.5cm

Framed size: 76.5cm x 127.5cm

Signed: Yes

Condition: Excellent

Provenance: Sales invoice

Truly outstanding original artwork by Todd White – ‘When She Threw Her Roses Down’. The current retail price would be circa £45,000! ….Add this to your collection

Todd White’s art is a unique fusion of sophistication, wit, and contemporary allure. Renowned for his signature style and dynamic compositions, White’s work often portrays sharply dressed characters engaged in scenes of social interaction and intrigue. With an astute eye for detail and a mastery of expression, he captures the intricacies of human emotion, inviting viewers into the captivating narratives of his subjects’ lives. His paintings possess a timeless quality, drawing inspiration from both classic elegance and modern sensibilities. Whether through bold brushstrokes or subtle gestures, Todd White’s art mesmerises audiences with its unparalleled storytelling and unmistakable charm. When She Threw Her Roses Down is a perfect example of White’s signature style,  and is an extremely collectable original!

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