Virut Panchabuse ‘The Voyager’ original collage *RARE ORIGINAL*




Format: Collage on canvas

Presentation: Box canvas

Image Size: 140 x 180 cm

Signed: yes

Condition: Excellent as new

Provenance: Direct from gallery to current owner

This large format handcrafted collage exemplifies the exceptional skill of the artist. Every element is meticulously crafted from small clippings sourced from magazines and newspapers. The piece, titled “VOYAGER,” is thought to be a discreet portrait of the actress and filmmaker, Angelina Jolie…but you can decide if this is true.

About the Artist: Thai artist Virut, based in Bangkok, has gained global recognition for his remarkable large-scale and intricately expressive collage portraits. Infusing elements of pop art style and concepts, Virut employs thousands of patches sourced from fashion and adult magazines to construct his larger-than-life artworks. Working meticulously layer by layer, he carefully selects each clipping, resulting in incredibly realistic skin tones and textures.Virut’s artistic exploration extends to various facets of humanity, where he celebrates the diverse ages, genders, and ethnicities of his portrayed characters. Having achieved initial success through solo exhibitions and garnered accolades across various Asian countries, Virut has expanded his reach to Europe, where his work has been met with great acclaim. Notably, his artworks have found a place in high-profile collections, including that of Italian fashion icon Luciano Benetton.

What is Collage art: Collage is indeed a technique in art creation, commonly utilized in the visual arts but also found in music. This method involves assembling various forms, such as images, materials, or elements, to create a new and cohesive whole. In visual arts, collages often consist of cut-and-pasted materials, such as photographs, newspaper clippings, fabric, or any other items that can be adhered to a surface. Similarly, in music, collage can involve combining and juxtaposing different sound elements, samples, or musical fragments to create a unique and layered composition. The essence of collage lies in the creative juxtaposition and arrangement of diverse elements to form a unified and meaningful artistic expression.

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