William Fortescue ‘Michael’ Limited Edition




Medium: Photograph

Format: Limited Edition

Edition Number: 5/5

Size: 48″ x 32″

Signed: Yes

Condition: Excellent

William Fortescue is a land animals and nature photographer from the UK. Driven by his deep love for nature, William’s lens reveals both the breathtaking beauty and the fragility of our wilderness. His images stir profound emotion, demanding action to safeguard what we stand to lose.

Through the twilight we are searching for one thing – ivory. Ivory so large, so white that the first rays of morning sun glint off its rounded hilt, visible from over a mile away, where Eric and I stand atop the roof of the Land Rover.  Ivory like this is rare now. Some organisations say as few as 10 super tuskers still walk the plains of Africa. If this is the case, the elephant we are looking for is number 11. A future icon, an elephant who at just 29 has the undoubtable makings of a Super Tusker. His name is Michael.”

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