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latest articles

Trademylux Launch

Trademylux Launch

Scottish start-up business Trademylux Limited has secured a £300,000 investment from TRICAPITAL Angels Limited and Scottish Enterprise as it launches the first in a series of luxury goods resale platforms. Trading as, the first venture will focus on...

lorenzo quinn: our take

lorenzo quinn: our take

  lorenzo quinn is one of the best-known contemporary sculptors in the world. he’s gained international recognition for his large-scale public artworks, as well as his extremely popular series of smaller sculptures sold to...

refresh your art collection for a new look

refresh your art collection for a new look

when considering how to arrange wall art at home, remember: arranging art can be thought of as an art itself. it’s also an important part of curating your art collection – often, deciding on your next artwork means looking at your current collection and finding where...

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